White Firelighter
The most economical and reliable way to light a fire!

Ideal for lighting barbecues, fireplaces, fire pits, stoves, or campfires.

Flammat white firelighter is the leading product in this category in Europe. Lights easily, and burns durably with intense heat for safe and efficient use, and leaves no residue after completely burning out. Powerful formulation enables you to reliably start a fire every time. Comes in easy to use plates with 48 pre-cut cubes- just break off into small individual fire lighting cubes and place one or more on a thin layer of solid fuel and light them. Each cube ignites after 3-5 seconds of direct flame exposure and holds a steady flame for 5-7 minutes- sufficient to start charcoal, pellet, or wood fire.

Directions for use:

Place one or more Flammat fire lighting cubes on a thin layer of charcoal, wood or coal and light them. After 1 or 2 minutes add more fuel, taking care not to extinguish the flames. Make sure that the firelighters are completely burned and that the fuel is completely covered with a layer of ash prior to putting the food on the grill.

Half pack 24/1 52 pcs 4680 pcs
Single pack 48/1 26 pcs 2340 pcs
Double pack 96/1 12 pcs 1080 pcs
Triple pack 144/1 8 pcs 768 pcs


Half pack
24 cubes

Double pack
96 cubes

Triple pack
144 cubes

Single Cube
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