Other products
Wooden Wool
Ecological premium wooden wool – based on wood and natural wax, clean, free from unpleasant smell and easy to use. Flammat ecological premium wooden wool firelighters consist of smooth, continuous rolls of wood shavings, which have superb handling, appearance and burning properties – thanks to the proprietary chip structure and the highest quality of the materials used. They are free from unpleasant smell, leave no residue of combustion, are soot-free and are not prone to drying-out, even with prolonged storage time. Ideal for lighting barbecues, fireplaces, open fires, stoves, bonfires, etc. It comes in packages of 20 and 40 pieces.
Ecological Firelighter
with the striking head
Firelighters with striking head are designed for easy and convenient ignition. They are made of wood shavings and high quality natural wax. No match needed, just strike the head of the stick on the lateral surface of the box. 24 bars.
Fire Log
Firelogs offer a quick and easy way to light and maintain the fire. They are clean-handling, efficient and practical alternative to fire wood – simply put a firelog in the fireplace, one at a time, and light the end of the paper packaging. Our fire logs are made of quality wood and paraffin. 1kg.

Liquid Firelighter
Liquid firelighter is designed to ensure fast, convenient and even application on the surface of charcoal. With child-proof cap. The Flammat liquid firelighter is based on n-paraffin, burning with no disagreeable smell or aftertaste (if the fire is used for food preparation, such as in an open barbecue). Easy to store, measure and apply. Safe and convenient use. 1000 ml.

Gel Firelighter
The Flammat gel firelighter is based on n-paraffin and it is a safe igniting aid for all sorts of wood and charcoal. Without disagreeable smell. Safe and convenient to use. With child- proof cap and an additional safety benefit: the gel consistency prevents it from spilling out of the bottle if it accidentally falls over. 1000 ml.

Flammat bioethanol is produced from natural resources and it does not contain any toxic additives. Our bioethanol is an ideal product to quickly and cleanly create a warm atmosphere at home. Suitable for homes without chimneys, for indoor and outdoor ethanol fireplaces. 1000 ml.

Sweeping log
Flammat sweeping log is easy and practical to use and is suitable for every enclosed stove, fireplace and chimney. Just place the log on the existing fire and let it burn. Two functions in one: burns as a regular fire log, but also cleans the chimney from soot deposits. Use one log at a time. Use sweeping logs every 4-6 weeks for optimal energy efficiency and to eliminate soot deposits from the chimney. 1 kg.

Sweeping pellets
Another efficient product from our cleaning and maintenance range- the Flammat sweeping pellets burn away all soot deposits in the pellet-burning stove easily and cleanly. If regularly used, they improve the efficiency of the heating system and help to avoid soot deposits in the chimney.
Made with natural and mineral products. Available in bags of 1 and 2 kg.

BBQ & fireplace glass cleaner 2in1
Essential help in keeping your barbecue or fireplace clean and aesthetically pleasing, but also in proper functional form. Our cleaner 2in1 is efficient, convenient, and comes in ready-to use spray bottles. The foam removes even the toughest stains and accumulated grease from grill and fireplace, while the non-streaking cleaner leaves the stove glass door clean and shiny. Simply spray on and wipe off. 500 ml.