This is how you light the fire

The most economical and reliable way to light a fire!
Ideal for lighting barbecues, fireplaces, fire pits, stoves, or campfires.

Clean, economical, virtually odorless and smokeless way to light a fire!
Perfect for starting a barbecue (charcoal or pellet fire), or an indoor fireplace.

Made from 100% natural ingredients from pure vegetable origin.
Safe and clean handling, easily biodegradable, and safe for the environment.

Soot cleaner for coal, wood and oil stoves.
Flammat Chimney Sweep is essential help in keeping your fireplace or stove chimney clean and in proper functional form.

Tradition, Quality
and Efficiency

The FLAMMAT company proudly continues over a century of tradition and history, as it was back in 1904 that this business was originally started in Treffurt, Germany.

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Kerosene Platt’s quotation for

The exchange rate of EUR to USD which has gone up by 11% since May (and 18% since the beginning of the year) has at least for now severely diminished or eliminated any real cost relief on oil derivatives pricing. Thus, the currency adjusted Platt’s quotation is still solidly above USD 1,000/t.

We will continue to monitor and report on the kerosene pricing and USD/EUR exchange rate trends here.

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