Chimney Sweep

Soot cleaner for coal, wood and oil stoves.

Flammat Chimney Sweep is essential help in keeping your fireplace or stove chimney clean and in proper functional form. Our soot cleaner comes in two bags directing the maximum soot burning power where it’s needed the most.

Direction for use:

Coal/wood stove- throw an unopened 90 g sachet on strongly glowing coal/wood and open the draft and smoke vents. Soot deposits in the chimney should smolder away, as indicated by the white smoke. Repeat when necessary, but at least once a month- to keep the soot deposits from accumulating.

Oil stove- light a small flame, wait for the stove and chimney to heat up, and throw in an unopened 90g sachet. Set the controller to medium to high. Wait for about 25 minutes. Then reset the controller to normal position.

Remove soot at least once per month. This saves energy and protects the environment!

75 pcs 1500 pcs

We can offer custom-designed packaging and dosage options for our bestselling soot cleaning powder.If it is not our standard confection of 2x 90gr in a box, is it 5 x 5g bags in a box, 2 x 120gr, or perhaps 500gr in a capped cylinder – let us work with you to deliver the right solution for your customers and markets.

Contact us for details.