FLAMMAT is backing the humanitarian action “Let her be herself again”

Flammat is backing the humanitarian action “Let her be herself again”, organized by the Autonomous Women’s Center (AŽC). Over the 30 years it has existed, this organization has provided support to more than 30,000 women who have faced violence. Now it has launched a fundraising campaign for women’s emergency support, entitled “Let her be herself again”.

The money collected for this fund is used to cover emergency costs for women who have experienced violence: medical examinations, court fees, emergency accommodation, legal aid, food, hygiene products or their children’s school books, and to pay transport costs to institutions and other places they need to visit. For a woman to be free, it is not enough for her to just report an act of violence. She needs to feel safe and know that she will have basic necessities available to her. She is truly free only when she is safe.

The campaign “Let her be herself again” was inspired by a brave woman who survived a violent relationship. She felt free only after buying herself a red purse: “All my life I wanted to own a red purse so I bought one”. The road to regaining freedom and recognizing your authentic self is a long one. Support, understanding and genuine help are needed.

With our support to fund for assistance to women victims of violence, we are sending a strong message: “Nobody may touch the spark in her”.

Join us, help us put a smile back on women’s faces.