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The FLAMMAT company proudly continues over a century of tradition and history, as it was back in 1904 that this business was originally started in Treffurt, Germany. Specific experience with the production of firelighters dates back to 1951, when Mr. Heinz Warrlich introduced a new system of manufacturing charcoal lighters, which is still unique in Europe to this day. Our production processes benefied since then from state of the art automation, technology, and quality improvements, synonymous with an internationally renowned and market-leading German business.

FLAMMAT d.o.o. is a German-Serbian joint venture (JV) for production and distribution of firelighters and related items, founded in 2011. It started with production at the new location in Bela Crkva, Serbia, in 2013.

The new company offers significant benefits to the customers, in several key areas. First, we employ the market-leading, efficient technology – resulting in the unique quality, reliability, and flexibility of the final product. Second, the new production and distribution location in Serbia was chosen specifically for the reasons of proximity to the customers, with all the resulting logistics and service efficiencies. Finally, from the new location, we qualify for a number of strategic, favorable tariff agreements with our end customers in several key markets.

Our product range firmly rests on the foundation of the market-leading white firelighters, but it also extends to a rounded portfolio of related products. From our assortment, you can choose among literally dozens of ways to light a fire quickly, cleanly and efficiently; you can choose the items for taking care of your fireplace, stove, barbecue or chimney; or, you can get our products that help you enjoying the outdoors – be it on your balcony, on the camping trip, or in the garden.